Tuesday, 28 April 2009

"The Journey Home" by Ladee Basset

Hello, my name is Ladee Basset. I have recently had my poetry book published entitled "The Journey Home" by Ladee Basset. This is a collection of 100 poems written in the traditional poetic format, that of rhyme and time. This book is available to buy at various retailers ie to include Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Target, Waterstones, Booksonboard,etc. It is with great pleasure and pride I have been able to compile this collection of my own.

This book features the poem entitled "Time Is Not A Barrier" which was read on several different radio stations the week of Princess Diana's mourning to include BBC radio 2. It also features the poem entitled "Mister Blair" which has been acknowledged by 10 Downing Street.

The poem entitled "The Journey Home" contained with this book, the same title as the book, I now wish to let serve as my poetic tribute to Michael Jackson. It has been extremely shocking news to learn of his tragic sudden passing. At this time, it is very timely that the poem called "The Journey Home" is befitting for him. I would like to share this poem with you now as it suits the moment and how my heart bleeds for the worlds loss of Michael. My deepest sympathies are herewith extended to the family of Michael Jackson. An autographed copy of this book is on its way to the family of Michael Jackson!

"The Journey Home"

The journey home is long
This place where I belong
Visions appear so strong
Selecting routes of song

Sorrow reveals the way
Love signals to obey
Forward without delay
Miles closer ev'ry day

Trekking to love behind
Before me trails unwind
Paths so clearly defined
Sounds echo in my mind

A strict lovers crusade
Bounding just unafraid
Advancing shadows fade
Nearer to wonders made

Beyond the narrow bend
Loves' honour to defend
Transfixed until the end
Aching hearts will amend

Towards the cloudy sea
Heaven's waiting for me
My heart will be set free
The journey home must be

Copyright @ Ladee Basset

This is book is available to download, in soft cover and in hard cover. If you enjoy reading poetry, you will love this! I hope you are able to get a hold of a copy in celebration of my poetic accomplishments and achievements. The publication of this book is very timely in regards to events both personally and historically.